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DEKO - GRM Daily

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

From 3DPhotography, Digital Stills and a full feature on GRM Daily.

Having multiple features on GRMDaily as well as countless features on various Hip-Hop / Grime magazines I discovered Deko through Instagram. His unique style and clever wordplay instantly captured my attention and this led to numerous creative collaborations. This started off as me doing a photoshoot which served as the backdrop for the music video to Deko's song Oh Me. The images from the shoot were also used in the video, it is all super Meta.

You can catch that full video here:


After this initial project, Deko gained an insight into what I was capable of as a Creative Director and offered me the chance to direct and produce him a film for his song "Ice Breaker Freestyle" which was featured on GRMDaily. This was a challenge I was only too happy to take up. With a shoestring budget, I took a small ragtag team of artists and we made way to East London. In the tunnel on the right just as you come out of the hackney station we set up camp for the day. And below is the results of a 1-week turnaround. Here we really worked hard with the edit. I was heavily inspired by the Travis Scott style of music videos but also wanted to make something original. After many tweaks and looking at my history panel I tried and tested multiple variations and roughly at around 8 pm I chose this style of edit and stuck with it. I thought that the video took away too much from the lyrics so I added subtitles, hoping to highlight Deko's clever wordplay. In the end, I chose the colours I thought would stand out the most, capture the attention and make the most impact.

Deko having given me complete creative freedom was surprised to see the video hit the numbers it did and for my first music video? Not a bad start.


One of the comments really stuck with me and I felt it imperative that I should share it with you :)

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