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The Nail




Back in London, I lived with my landlady and her 5-year-old daughter, Kamilla. Kamilla was sharp as an axe with the sensitivity of a dandelion. I was once asked to babysit her. Whilst I looked after her, she said quite abruptly, “I’m not pretty!” Obviously, I was shocked. I asked her why she would say such a thing and she pointed towards her skin and hair.

I jumped on my phone and Googled "beautiful women" and I was stunned to see that after minutes of scrolling, I finally found someone who looked just like her. I showed her this but I could see she still didn't believe me so I tried to find a way to relate this message to her. I created Coloured In as a chance to show, not tell Kamilla, she is a human being and she is beautiful and she should feel as such. Full Zine coming soon.



Having tested for various modelling agencies, these are some of the spreads shot for them. Testing is amazing, fun and should be intuitive to give agencies a sense of what their models could accomplish and portray. 

This is also great for models who are just starting out in the industry and want to bulk up their portfolios. These are controlled shoots designed to help you gain a sense of angles, poses, speed and other aspects that one will experience post-shoot.

Jordan Corrington /


Ryan Barret /

Ronny Seda /

Will Cattanach /


Big beautiful editorials? Yes, please.

Loving Lotus is a small company, so I have the flexibility to find a package that fulfils your requirements. My aim is to provide the service that each client desires. 

I view campaign photography as specifically product-centred, whereas editorial imagery and videos focus more so on the story that inspired the product itself. 

Jacob Mannins /


James Hall /


Jacob Mannin /


James Hall /


Upon hearing the proverb "the nail which stands out must be hammered down" I directed and produced this challenging piece of art.


My videography aims were to evoke a vision of a hammer coming down hard and fast repeatedly, yet the nail remains unflinching.  Utilising bold designers, such as Caitlin Yates, Delphie Eva and the team at SCRTO, we were able to take action against the tyranny of conformity. 

This clean, well-lit photography was essential to tell a story filled with hard edges, semi-Dystopian landscapes and flowers daring to blossom.

In the post-production, tight communication between Eldraw and myself led to the final product being a homage to amazing artists who've paved the way for individualism. There will be a full written blog entry on the editorial from start to finish. Full editorial placed with Huff Magazine.

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