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What makes good content Great content?

"Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives our revenue."

Andrew Davids

This is great content:

And this is great content:

But wait. This is also great content:

What does the Instagram reel have in common with the previous two Nike posts? To see the full breakdown on why I chose this video to illustrate my point make sure to check out my blog "Why great content matters" Let's break them down. They're all visual focused, they get the point across, they are fun, they are satisfying and they tell a story. Context is key to building good content. You do not need a million-pound budget to be able to gain a new audience. All you need is your phone camera, a few good ideas communicating your brand in a fun visual manner and some time. Let's say you're a sustainable fashion outlet. One idea maybe you pin up your T-Shirt, take us step by step through your process in a quick spicy edit with the camera still and show us using Instagram reels. If you're a florist, consider not only having your flower arrangements photographed but using them for fashion editorials and set designs. then while you are building on that project, capture footage and explain to your audience the different flowers used and their properties. If you're a nightclub consider having a resident event photographer for a while, this way the photographers' style of images become a part of your brand and when the content does the rounds on Facebook everyone knows it is you.

I have worked with event companies before where I have developed a certain style of editing custom to their brand. Here are two examples of brand photography. On the right are images for The 90s Brunch and the image set below for The Garage Brunch. As you can clearly see even though the event was curated by the same company the branding is what keeps them apart.

If creating great brand photography and great brand videos is something that interests you please do get in touch.

I feel people often forget that social media is a visual medium and it's important to use brand photography to remind them.

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