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187 Mob or The films that nearly broke my laptop

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

When Elenia contacted me and told me that she needed a video for her rebranding for 187mob the craziest, sexiest, noisiest video ever I knew we were gonna make something special. We looked at tons of videos for inspiration and in the end, decided the best way to brand the business was by including all that inspired us.

Here I really cultivated my found-footage aesthetic. It was a marathon. 187Mob wanted a fast-paced, story that couldn't be put into sentences comfortably. This edit was one of my firsts for a client and my laptop with its 8GB ram could only export the project in 4 separate sequences and I had to later edit them together. Here is We the people By 187Mob

I feel like this is a perfect example of branded content. It is unique, individualistic and clearly hits all the points 187Mob wanted to get across. Big impactful visuals that sell the dream.

And then came F*ck the Polizia Here the whole message was clear, it was a bigger, more colourful drop with bigger needs and a higher quality edit, heavy on pop culture references. We worked for over 2 weeks on this piece of branded content and I'm proud of the numbers it hit up.

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